Man Injured After Jumping From Train

Eddie Diaz

Eddie Diaz

26-year-old Eddie Diaz was injured last night shortly after 7:50 p.m., after he leaped from a Tri-Rail train that was traveling south bound from the West Palm Beach station (201 S. Tamarind Ave.). The preliminary investigation revealed that Eddie Diaz left is cell phone on the bench prior to boarding the train and leaped from the moving train to retrieve it.

According to witnesses, as the train left the station, Diaz realized he left his cellular phone on a bench. He then broke the glass for the emergency safety mechanism; he pulled the emergency stop lever; Diaz then exited through the train’s front passenger door. Diaz then leaped and appeared to have slipped when he landed on the west platform (south bound). Minutes later, paramedics arrived and transported Diaz to a local hospital where he is being treated for a head injury.

The investigation is ongoing as investigators gather additional evidence.

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