Citizens’ Observer Patrol

What is Citizen Observer Patrol?

Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) involves West Palm Beach residents who volunteer their time as members of the West Palm Beach Police Departments community oriented program. Citizen Patrollers assist the police in their neighborhood in reducing potential crime.

Who is a Citizen Observer?

A citizen observer is a resident appointed by the Police Chief who has met the specific application, background and training requirements for the position.

How Do Citizen Observers Help?

Citizen Observers patrol their neighborhoods to observe and report the following:

  • Suspicious people, objects or occurrences
  • Check homes (at the request of the owner) that are unoccupied for periods of time
  • Identifiable or potential hazards
  • Citizen Observer Patrol members report, via cellular telephone, observed suspicious situations to WPB Police communications
  • Hurricane Duties, assist in preparing their neighborhood for coming storms
  • Search and Assist Program, assist the Police in looking for missing/endangered children and elderly adults.

PLEASE NOTE: WPB/COP members have no law enforcement authority or powers.

Why Become a WPB COP Member?

West Palm Beach residents can help protect their local community against crime. Residents should be aware of suspicious activities, such as:

  • Persons loitering around residences or parked vehicles and peering into them.
  • Persons trying to force open a locked residence or vehicle.
  • Abandoned vehicles.
  • Persons removing parts from a vehicle.

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Facts to Report to WPB Dispatch When Observing Suspicious activity:

  • What happened
  • Time and place of activity
  • Time and direction if escape
  • Was anyone hurt
  • Suspect Description
  • Vehicle Description
  • License plate (tag) description
  • Any additional details

WPB Communications:



Dial 911The Citizens Observer Patrol COP Program has emerged as a highly effective approach to residential safety, awareness and involvement. Distinctively marked vehicles patrolling local communities serve as a strong deterrent against potential crime.Significant credit for the reduction of crime rates may be attributed to the presence of COP vehicles on the streets of member communities, along with the persistent vigilance of its volunteer COP members.Chief Bush restructured the program to improve its effectiveness, and provide the community an opportunity to assist law enforcement in our fight against crime. With qualified and concerned residents acting as the West Palm Beach Police Department’s ‘Eyes and Ears’ we are making difference.

The Citizen Patrollers are equipped with radios so they canĀ  communicate with West Palm Beach dispatchers and Police Officers. Working in partnership together and establishing a rapport with one another to rid their neighborhoods of crime.

Our Citizen Patrollers are guided by area coordinators, who maintain a liaison with the Police Department and monitor their performance.

The West Palm Beach COP programs success depends on the dedication and loyalty of its members. Serving as a West Palm Beach COP member indicates commitment to the safety and security of the your community. Member efforts can be a very rewarding contribution to their local community.

Application Information

COP Applicants Must

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Reside or have a business in West Palm Beach
  • Complete an application form
  • Successfully complete a criminal history/background check
  • Possess a valid Florid Drivers License
  • Qualified WPB COP Applicants Must:
  • Complete a mandatory 3 hour Citizens Observer Patrol training program.
  • Comply with the West Palm Beach Police Departments Citizen Observer Patrol program’s policies and procedures.

Join the COP Program Now! Call the Cheryl, Volunteer Coordinator, 561-822-1621 for details or E-mail:

Download the COP Application