Volunteer Opportunities

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Procedure for Becoming a Volunteer:

All volunteers must go through this procedure to become a volunteer with the police or fire department.
1. Complete the application. (Same application is used for both departments.)
2. A background check will be completed on all applicants.*
3. Once the applicant has passed the above steps, he or she is interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and/or the department supervisors in the area of interest.

The process could take as long as a month from start to finish.

*Note: Volunteer positions that do not require the volunteers to work inside the buildings will only have to go through Step 2.

To request an application please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
West Palm Beach Police Department
600 Banyan Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 822-1621
Fax: 822-1648

Remember: By volunteering you are helping the police
officers make our community a safer place to live, work, and play.
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