Mission & Values


Provide a safe place to live, work and visit


Professionalism- well trained, good character

Respect- we treat people with dignity

Integrity- we do the right thing

Dedication- committed to the mission

Excellence- what we do, we do well


Our strategic plan was created to develop our organization’s focus. In the ever changing environment it is imperative to continuously assess and modify the organization’s goal and objectives. This will ensure we all work efficiently and effectively toward our mission.

Four critical elements were identified which impact every decision we make. They are:

1. Community- we will strive to improve the quality of life for all in West Palm Beach

2. Employee- we will facilitate employee development

3. Service- we will partner with the private sector, community and other government agencies

4. Fiscal- Focused utilization of resources to accomplish our mission.

Our organization is committed to providing the finest service to the community we serve. It is critical we emphasize employee development and strengthen community relationships.


The department’s strategic goals serve to guide the activities and direction of the organization. They provide a foundation for decision making so we may continue to deliver the highest quality police service to the community. Our strategic plan is flexible and continually updated to address new challenges and opportunities. The four planning are:

1. Innovative Police Strategies: The department will continuously develop new policing strategies to address quality of life issues and community concerns.

2. Employment Development: The department will facilitate career development of employees to enhance professionalism.

3. Innovation and Technology: The department will provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to provide the highest level of service to the community.

4. Public/Private Partnerships: The department will foster public and private sector collaboration to improve delivery of service.