Graffiti Eradication Program

Program Primary Goal:

The goal of the Graffiti Eradication Program in West Palm Beach is to eradicate all graffiti within 48 hours of notification by using the full- time Graffiti Eradication Painter who is an employee of the Police Department. The City Ordinance calls for removal within ten (10) days by the citizen. After that time the City can remove it.

Our program was developed to cover the graffiti at NO CHARGE TO THE CITIZEN and is rarely declined by the affected citizen. As a result, all graffiti is handled quickly with minimal follow up, and the citizens who are the victims of graffiti are extremely pleased.

Program Secondary Goal:

Furthermore, the removal of the graffiti by the City allows the City to be a stakeholder in how the crime is investigated and handled. This makes prosecution and collection of restitution from the perpetrator extremely effective.

Graffiti Eradication Painter, Craig McMichael can be contacted at 561-822-1622.