Procurement Division

Welcome, we are pleased that you have chosen to visit the website of the Procurement Division of the City of West Palm Beach. Our mission is to serve the citizens and internal stakeholders of the City of West Palm Beach  with skill, professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.

The Procurement Division is responsible for the acquisition of all supplies, materials, equipment and services required by various City departments and entities. All procurements are made according to established rules and regulations in the procurement code in addition to other local, state, and federal laws.

The City of West Palm Beach along with other public agencies, solicits bids from businesses for various goods and services. This page provides links to current solicitations that may lead to prime or subcontracting opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about a particular solicitation, please register as a supplier with the City and direct your questions to the Procurement Division. When checking for solicitations, be sure to look for pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences and site visits.  This a forum which provides specific information about the project, as well as excellent networking opportunities with prime contractors and/or suppliers.

Our Staff is committed to obtaining the “best value” for the City of West Palm Beach and recognizes that our process partners are important to achieving the goals of our City. We will continually endeavor to find ways to maximize the resources entrusted to us through operational efficiency by utilizing the best practices and alternative purchasing methods that promote cost savings.

The Procurement Division also manages a central warehouse that receives and distributes capital and non-capital supplies and spares as well as coordinates the transfer of assets via auction, sales, or other lawful means under the City’s disposal and surplus property policies.

Additionally, the Procurement Division promotes “Green Initiatives” in its acquisition of goods and services and consider life cycle effects from pollution, waste generation, energy consumption, recycled material content, depletion of natural resources, and potential impact on health and nature in its procurement decisions.

The City team understands and values our business relationships and strives to make every effort to promote fair and equitable treatment of all suppliers and ensure transparency of the procurement process. We hope you will find our website useful. We encourage questions, comments, and suggestions from those visiting our website and interested in becoming part of our supplier community.

 Mission Statement

To provide procurement services through knowledge, courtesy and professionalism to all City Departments with pricing and quality that meets or exceeds expectation.


Vision Statement

The Procurement Division at the City of West Palm Beach will be a division of highly trained procurement professionals, dedicated to delivering value-added and innovative procurement processes utilizing advanced technology, ethical practices, and innovation.


Doing Business with the City

The Procurement Division of the City of West Palm Beach is responsible for the procurement of goods, services and construction of the highest quality and at the most reasonable cost and through fair and open competition.

In doing business with the City evaluate and review the following:

  1. Is your company RESPONSIBLE? – do you have the capability in all respects to perform fully the contract requirements, and the experience, integrity, perseverance, reliability, capacity, facilities, equipment and credit which will assure good faith performance?
  2. Ensure your response to solicitations are RESPONSIVE – does it conform to the requirements stated in the solicitation regardless of type (Invitation to Bid (ITB), Request for Proposal, (RFP), Request for Qualification (RFQL) and Request for Quote (RFQ)), otherwise stated, did you meet the minimum specifications and provide all required information with authorizing signatures.
  3. Ensure your experience and financial standing matches the requirements for the project, good or service being requested.
  4. Ensure your licenses  Ensure all licenses, state and local registrations and certifications are up to date.

Procurement solicitations are available electronically by downloading the documents from the website.  Suppliers should register and complete the contact information form to receive solicitations in their field of expertise.   There is no charge to the public to download the solicitations from the Procurement website.