Title Type Bid # Due
CMAR for Fire Stations 4 and 8 RFPs 13-14-419 08/01/2014
City-Wide Contract for Lift Station Repair and Rehabilitation Bids 13-14-129 08/05/2014
ECRWRF Intermittent Biosolids Disposal Services ITN 13-14-501 08/07/2014
WTP - Eastern Well Fields 12-14 Bids 13-14-143 08/12/2014
Annual Contract For Tree Trimming And Pruning Services Bids 13-14-139 08/13/2014
City-Wide HMI System for SCADA RFPs 13-14-216 08/19/2014
Software and Implementation Services for Solid Waste Management RFPs 13-14-217 08/27/2014
36th St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement Bids 13-14-145 08/28/2014
Tamarind Avenue Beautification Project Bids 13-14-142 08/28/2014
Purchase or Lease of Old City Hall Site RFPs 13-14-214 10/15/2014


Title Type Bid # Due
West Palm Beach Trolley Shelters Bids 13-14-103 07/18/2014
Seaboard Train Station Improvements Phase II Bids 13-14-140 07/08/2014
Plant Automation System Services (SCADA) Bids 13-14-125 06/11/2014
CEI for Seaboard Train Station and Downtown Trolley Shelters RFQ 13-14-408 06/10/2014
Programmatic Compliance Monitoring for Federal and State Housing Programs Quotation 13-14-Q318 06/03/2014
Purchase and Delivery of Six (6) Trolleys RFPs 13-14-205 05/15/2014
Water Treatment Plant Wetland Hyrdation Improvements Bids 13-14-110 05/13/2014
ECRWRF Monitoring Well DZMW and Lower Zone Abandonment Bids 13-14-128 05/06/2014
Master Contract for Utility Construction Services RFQ 13-14-407 04/30/2014
Annual Contract for the Purchase and Delivery of Liquid Polyorthophosphate Bids 13-14-136 04/25/2014
Lift Station Control Panel Fabrication Bids 13-14-114 04/25/2014
Master Contract for Water and Wastewater Laboratory Chemicals Bids 13-14-107 04/22/2014
Annual Contract for Plumbing Services Bids 13-14-134 04/09/2014
Master Contract for WTP Instrument and Controls Maintenance Services Bids ITB 13-14-113 04/08/2014
Annual Contract for Board & Secure Services Bids 13-14-122 04/03/2014
Pipe Pedestal Repairs for Lift Station 23 Quotation Quote 13-14-313 03/27/2014
Grant Consulting Services RFPs 13-14-206 03/20/2014
Purchase and Delivery of Mobile Hydraulic Concert Stage Bids 13-14-121 03/18/2014
IT Risk Assessment RFPs 13-14-204 02/12/2014
Website Redesign Services RFPs 13-14-203 02/11/2014


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