When Submitting a Bid or RFP

Ensure your bid or RFP is responsive – does it conform in all material respects to the requirements stated in the Bid or RFP, otherwise stated, did you meet the minimum specifications and provide all required information with authorizing signatures?

Are you responsible?

Do you have the capability in all respects to fully perform the contract requirements, and the experience, integrity, determination, dependability, capacity, facilities, equipment and credit which will assure good faith performance?

Make sure the proposal is in a sealed envelope with the Bid or RFP number and title, due date and time clearly marked on the outside of the envelope.

Submit the proposal to the Purchasing Division BEFORE the stated due date and time.

RFP – (Request for Proposal)
Purchases over $25,000 utilized for the selection of professional services or goods, generally of a highly technical nature; when price is not the only variable; when the City has a particular need which can be met in more than one way and requests vendors to submit proposals based on their knowledge, skills and abilities. RFP’s include objectives and a scope of work rather than a detailed set of specifications and are designed to select the best proposal based on the criteria stipulated in the RFP.

ITB – (Invitation To Bid)
Purchases over $25,000 utilized for acquiring goods, services and construction for public use in which award is based on the response to the criteria set forth in the IFB and which provides the best value to the City.