Small Business Vendor Directory

This Directory displays all currently certified small businesses and is intended to assist bidders/contractors meet small business participation goals on City projects by connecting them with potential subcontractors. There are two ways to locate a certified business:

By Company Name: This option will allow you to choose the company name and then see all the information the company has provided.

By City: Select the city that you would like to search for companies in. After you have selected the city, a list of companies and their services will be displayed.

By Goods & Services. Select the the good or service that you are interested and a list of matching companies will be displayed.

A current version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari is needed to view the Small Business Registry.

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DISCLAIMER: The Certified Small Business Directory is provided as a service to the community. The City of West Palm Beach and the Economic & Community Development Department do not endorse any product, service or company, and make no warranties as to the accuracy of any information contained in the database. It is the responsibility of users of the database to exercise normal due diligence before entering into business relationships.