Staff Directory

Festus Frank Hayden,  Procurement Director

Directs citywide procurement, contracts, Purchase Orders and City stores warehouse and property control. Responsible for administering the CCNA Program, Procurement Card Audits and Small Business Program. Oversees citywide procurements for all the departments in the City.


Aisha Darrough, Small Business Program Compliance Specialist
Responsible for certifying small businesses and monitoring the Small Business Program. Directs incoming calls and departmental correspondence.


Purchasing Section:  
Monica Bojorge, Purchasing Agent
Allen Jones, Accountant (Purchasing Administration)
Tiffany Neilly-McCray, Purchasing Agent
Contracts Section:  
Patricia Armstrong, Senior Purchasing Agent
Josephine Grosch, Senior Purchasing Agent
Warehouse and Materials Management:  
Rodney Murray, Stores Clerk
Joseph Prince, Store Clerk