Public Notices

Notice to Title Companies, Realtors and Buyers:

If the City has liens against a parcel of real property and a judgment of foreclosure has been entered foreclosing those liens, which resulted in a judicial sale and transfer of the parcel, the City does not claim any further interest in such parcel unless there were surplus proceeds resulting from the judicial sale. No further disclaimer will be provided by the City.

City Hall Visitor Protocol

1. All visitors are to enter City Hall through the main entrance located on the northwest side of the courtyard of City Center.

2. All visitors are to remove all metal objects from their pockets (including phones) and place them on the table next to the metal detectors, along with bags, purses, briefcases and other items carried into City Hall. All items are subject to search.

3. All visitors must pass through the metal detectors and be cleared by City security guards.