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‘Fish out of Water’ Flies Again in West Palm Beach

The Iconic Flying Fish Sculpture Reinstalled on Flagler Drive at Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard

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Library’s increMental-U Recognized as 2017 Harvard Ash Center Bright Idea in Government

increMental-U is the lifelong learning initiative of the Mandel Public Library

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Green Tips

Greening Your Holiday Tips

Find below 6 ways to green your holiday from the Sierra Club.

Your Role in Sustainability


The bike sharing phenomenon, SkyBike WPB, is here and ready for you to experience the newest way to get around DowntownWPB. This program is brought to you by Title Sponsor, SkyBridge Capital and managing partners P3 Global Management Inc., the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority and the City of West Palm Beach.



What Does Living Green Mean?

The term “Living Green” encompasses a variety of choices that we make in our daily lives which promote a healthy environment, local economy, and lifestyle. “Green” choices are those that seek a sustainable quality of life while enriching the community, conserving resources, and playing an active role in ensuring a prosperous future for the City of West Palm Beach.

How Can I Live More Sustainably?

It’s easy to do your part. Let’s first start with the mindset of living a low-impact lifestyle conscious of the “big picture” impacts that your lifestyle potentially has on the environment, community, and social well-being.  As you make your daily purchasing and lifestyle decisions on your path towards living green, consider products and services which embody the following sustainable qualities:

  • Conserves and protects our water resources
  • Is less toxic
  • Reduces energy and utilizes renewable sources
  • Is derived from plants or organic material
  • Is organically grown and sustainably produced
  • Uses reduced packaging
  • Is durable, reused, and can be recycled
  • Is made from recycled or reclaimed materials
  • Is locally produced
  • Is there an alternative mode of transportation available (i.e. bicycle, train, bus, even walking!)

What Can You Do?

With any type of behavioral retooling you should take small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed, as you will find there are vast quantities of resources and activities one should engage in on the road to living green.  The following list of living green links and online resource impact calculators will give you an idea of how you and/or your household stacks up in terms of making sustainable decisions and leading a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Household Calculators:  Water & Carbon and Overall Ecological  Footprint

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

What’s Your Water Footprint?

What’s Your Ecological Footprint?

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