Better Buildings Challenge


Better Buildings Challenge: Leadership, Transparency and Results

Leading CEOs and executives of U.S. companies, universities, school districts and state and local government are taking the Challenge and committing to reduce the energy used across their building portfolios by 20 percent or more by 2020 and transparently showcase the solutions they use and the results they achieve to help spur billions in new investment and savings in commercial buildings and industrial plants.

The Better Buildings Challenge supports commercial and industrial building owners by providing technical assistance and proven solutions to energy efficiency. The program also provides a forum for matching Partners and Allies to enhance collaboration and problem solving in energy efficiency. Both Partners and Allies are publically recognized for their leadership and innovation in energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy invited the City to become the first in the state to join the Better Buildings Challenge.  Mayor Muoio is taking the challenge to the business community by challenging building owners and managers to reduce energy consumption 20% by 2020 (compared to 2009 baseline).

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Learn more about this important program through Mayor Muoio’s letter below, the video from the September 27 Meet and Greet, and the attached information sheets and join the 20/20 Better Buildings Challenge!


Related Programs

PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy

The nation’s first PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program was developed in Berkeley, California as a way to combat rising energy costs and provide residents and commercial properties with an innovative finance tool to fund energy efficiency upgrades.  What makes this finance model so attractive is its ability to defray upfront retrofit costs by attaching them to the property’s annual tax bill, paid over time.  This allows property owners to buy and sell without the burden of traditional loans or liens on the property and it also reduces operating costs starting at day one for tenants and owners alike.  In addition, the prescribed energy efficiency retrofits must produce adequate savings to pay for the annual tax assessment, and in many cases produce a positive annual cash flow.

The City of West Palm Beach has joined a multi-city partnership with Florida Green Energy Works (FGEW) to establish a commercial PACE financing program.  This commercially focused program will help businesses defray the up-front costs of energy efficiency upgrades, increase energy performance and lower operating costs. Participants of the PACE program will also be encouraged to join the City as community participants in West Palm Beach’s Better Buildings Challenge.  By combining PACE and BBC property/building owners have access to the financing tools to make energy efficiency upgrades and national recognition through BBC for the steps taken toward a sustainable future.

PACE Financing Flyer

Florida Green Energy Works Website

Green Business Challenge

The Green Business Certification Program, a component of Florida Green Energy Works, strives to engage local area businesses in reducing their energy and water usage and implementing waste reduction strategies. By participating in this program, businesses can easily measure and improve their green efforts while also receiving recognition.

Green Business Flyer

Florida Green Energy Works Green Business Certification Website