City Green Task Force

The City Green Task Force has completed their charge. Please see the report of their recommendations below.


The City Green Task Force is a group of concerned citizens who applied and were appointed by Mayor Frankel. The Task Force’s charge was to bring recommendations to the Mayor on measures the City could take to become more sustainable. 


Al Vazquez – Chair, Ira Raab – Vice Chair, Rose Campbell, Robert Cannellos, John DeCarion, Harvey Hathaway, Lisa-Marie Lerner, Patricia Lodge, Michelle Parenti, Kevin Petrovsky, Linda Portner, Louise A. Reed, Arnold Rimm, Harriet M. Sacher, Myles Schack, Janet Schreiber, Carol Shein

City Staff: Neil Melick, Patrick Painter, Penni Redford and Suzanne Schluter

City Commission Liaison: Commissioner Jerri Muoio


Recommendations through February 18, 2010


Please find below links to the minutes of previous meetings (PDF files):


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The City would like to thank the CGTF members and all those who contribute to the meetings.