Energy Performance Contract

The City has been working with Energy Systems Group on a proposed energy performance contract.


Definition of an energy performance contract:   Energy Efficiency and Capital Improvement Projects that are Funded Entirely Through Resulting Energy and Operational Savings Which is Guaranteed by the Energy Services Contractor

Enabled by F.S. 489.145

Bundled Package of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that Provides an Overall Self-Funding Program

Savings Must be Guaranteed by the ESCO

Total Project Must Fully Fund in a Term of 20 Years or Less

Project Cash Flow Must be Positive Each Year of the Term


Goals of the proposed energy performance contract for the City of West Palm Beach:

Reduce Utility Consumption & Expense Across City

Support Achievement Toward City’s Sustainability Plan Goals

Fund Needed Work to Alleviate Strained Capital Budgets

Implement Leading Technologies Such As LED Street Lighting


ESG’s proposed Energy Conservation Measures for the City of West Palm Beach

Proposed Energy Conservation Measures


Presentation to the Sustainability Advisory Committee 8-2-11

ESG Performance Contract Presentation to Sustainability Advisory Committee 080211


West Palm Beach City Commission Workshop 8-22-11

ESG Commission Workshop Presentation 8-22-11 (Differences between this presentation and the one above given to the SAC on 8-2-11 reflect changes made to reflect the SAC’s recommendations and additional review/actions taken to reflect even more conservative projections of savings.)

Donahue & Associates – WPB Savings Report


Further Contract Services Information

FL Manual Sample Contract Services Agreement

FL Energy Performance Contract Manual