2013 Toilet Voucher Program – Wrapping Up

We would like to thank WPB residents and property owners for interest in our Water Savers Toilet Voucher Program.  500 vouchers for free high efficiency toilets were mailed in April and those that were not redeemed are being mailed out to those on the waiting list in June.  We are no longer accepting applications at this time.  We hope to apply for the grant again and if we receive it, offer the program again later in the year.  To stay updated with announcements about this and other programs and initiatives, please sign up for our electronic updates by clicking on “Sign Up for Updates” here on our website.

The toilet voucher program was funded 50% by a South Florida Water Management District Grant and 50% by the City of West Palm Beach.  We hope to reapply for the grant in the fall and if awarded the grant, offer the toilet voucher program again at that time.  The best way to stay informed regarding any future potential toilet voucher programs, and all other Sustainability programs, is to sign up for our updates.

Thank you!

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