Grassy Waters Preserve

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Grassy Waters Preserve is a 20-square mile wetland nature preserve.  It is our mission to the promote environmental education and recreation programs to benefit the community.  Located west of the Beeline Highway on Northlake Boulevard in West Palm Beach, this historic preserve is made up of the northeastern head waters of the Everglades and Loxahatchee River.  As part of the vast Loxahatchee Slough wetlands, this area was once traversed by Native Americans and early South Florida pioneers.  To this day, the rainwater-fed area  remains home to the abundant wildlife native to South Florida. 

Grassy Waters Preserve is exciting not only because of its unique educational activities and historic presence, but also because it offers a diverse array of recreational opportunities on the edge of extensive wetlands. 

The City designed Grassy Waters Preserve with a special vision: to encourage water conservation through enjoyable, nature-based education and creative activities for all ages.  The preserve includes nature center pavilions, meandering boardwalk, trails, hiking, canoeing, educational programs, entertainment, and more! 

Additionally, Grassy Waters Preserve serves as the primary source of drinking water for the City of West Palm Beach.  More specifically, the preserve provides fresh drinking water to over 130,000 people in West Palm Beach, the Town of Palm Beach, Town of South Palm Beach, and surrounding areas. 

An expansion of the Preserve is currently underway.  The City’s Grassy Waters Preserve Master Plan for Future Development includes the newly complete Everglades Pavilion. It is the first of seven educational facilities, including an amphitheater planned on the north side of the Preserve.