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WPB Green Business Challenge



Why You Should Join

The WPB Green Business Challenge is a friendly competition to engage commercial property managers, office tenants, and other business sectors to improve energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, and involve their employees in a concerted effort to improve the environmental performance of their businesses. What makes the Challenge so innovative – and successful – is its emphasis on friendly competition and community-wide recognition for participants.

We provide education on how to go green through our monthly workshops. The GBC is graded on a point system, so we award you points for what you are already doing, as well as points for some of the activities you begin to do. You will receive recognition from the City of West Palm Beach for your participation, and much more. The City will highlight our participants, their successes, and their environmental leadership for their contribution in helping make West Palm Beach an even better place to live and work — while encouraging colleagues and peers to do the same.

Greening your business is a commitment that can positively impact your bottom line, whether you are a small mainstreet business or a manufacturing plant employing thousands of workers. Greening begins by introducing and nurturing a culture of conservation that has both immediate payback and long-range effects. Benefits include better employee health, safety and morale, excellent customer and community relationships.

If you want to enjoy the countless free benefits of being a WPB Green Business Challenge participant please email sustainability@wpb.org or Sign Up For the WPB Green Business Challenge Here!

The City of West Palm Beach congratulates the following organizations for their efforts and commitment to adopting policies and implementing practices that protect the local environment and improve public health.

2014-2015 Green Business Challenge Participants

B storytelling * Bantcard * City Center Pharmacy * Citysidesuites * Colonnade Clematis LLC * CTPM * DTM Tech Inc
* e kellys Eco Auto Spa * Electric Productions * Esperante Mgt Florida Crystals FloridaMarijuanaPatients.com Forte Interactive Fusion Fashion & Art, Inc. * Glidden Spina * Gulfstream Goodwill * Hippocrates * Ibero Property Management * ICLEI USA * Inhouse catering, llc * Innova Labs, Inc.* Keshavarz & Associates
* Kimley and Horn * Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. Light Factory Studios & Gallery * Memory Trees * Palm Beach Atlantic University * Palm Beach Zoo * Proton Electric * Resource Depot * Safeguard *
* Shield Bright Shoppe 561 * South Florida Science Center and Aquarium St. Mary’s Medical Center * Subculture Coffee * Super yellow Cab* The Prime Enterprise Group * Ventureworx
* Walkable WPB  * wiseBUYS.biz

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While going green will affect every aspect of your business, increased energy efficiency is one of the best opportunities to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA. It also results in the most immediate return on investment.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

What You Can do to Receive Points


Lighting and HVAC

Equipment Use


  • The three R’s — reuse, recycle, reduce — familiar to school children everywhere, also apply to the green, sustainable business
  • A majority of offices are not “paperless.” Computers, fax machines, and photocopiers mean that all businesses use a lot of paper. Some of this is filed, but much needs to be recycled. Everyone should take the responsibility to recycle. A surprising number of typical business products — plastics, rechargeable batteries, many small electronic components — can be recycled.
  • Media, cell phones, computer peripherals
  • Electronics recycling

Already a restaurant participating in the WPB Green Business Challenge?

Take your commitment a step further by exploring the Green Restaurant Certification. Visit DineGreen.com to learn more.