Nation’s Mayors Expand Their Commitment to Attack Local Climate Challenges

us conference of mayors climate protection center

At its 82nd Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, the nation’s mayors renewed their longstanding commitment to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions, promoting energy independence and efficiency and developing renewable energy.  Mayor Jeri Muoio joined with other USCM leaders to sign a revised agreement that for the first time emphasizes local actions to adapt cities to changing climatic conditions and to build grassroots support for local conservation initiatives.

The Agreement also urges federal and state governments to enact bipartisan legislation, policies and programs to assist mayors in their efforts to lead the nation toward energy independence, create American jobs that can’t be shipped overseas, protect our environment, eliminate waste, and fight climate change.

First launched ten years ago in February of 2005, the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement was a landmark pledge by mayors from all across the country to take local action to reduce carbon emissions from city operation and by the community at large, consistent with the goals of the Kyoto Protocol.  More than 1060 mayors signed the Agreement, mostly representing larger cities. Mayor Lois Frankle signed the original agreement which ultimately lead to the establishment of the City of West Palm Beach’s Office of Sustainability.

Read full agreement: Final USCM 2014 Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

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