Mayor Muoio Reveals Dramatic New Chapel By The Lake Plans

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December 18, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio revealed details today of what could be considered dramatic new design changes to the Chapel By The Lake project.

The new details were part of the Mayor’s weekly media briefing.

Watch the Mayor’s weekly media briefing uncut and unedited by clicking here and fast forward to 10:40 for Chapel comments.

During her briefing, Muoio said she has seen two new sets of plans, both of which would represent significant changes to what was originally proposed to the city.

“There are two new designs that they’re going to bring forward.  Both are about twenty percent smaller than the original design,” Muoio revealed during her briefing.

The Mayor estimated the new plans reduce the number of units from 96 units to 76 units. She also said one of the new plans was for a 25 story building that was more narrow than originally proposed and oriented differently, allowing a better view of the water.

The second design, said Muoio, is for a 22 story building that is wider than the previous plans.

“They have agreed to allow a walk back around their property so the public can walk along the intracoastal,” added Mayor Muoio.

Mayor Muoio said she believes the new plans get closer to what may be acceptable.

“Whether it does the trick, I don’t know, but it gets a lot closer,” said Muoio.

Earlier this week, the developer sent a letter to the city asking that the second City Commission vote on the project be delayed from its originally scheduled January 6th date to later in the month.

According to the letter from Kerry Kilday, the additional time “will allow for the submittal, distribution and evaluation of changes to the architectural site plans and elevations that need to be submitted to the City for review in response to concerns expressed by several of the City Commissioners and the public outreach meeting.”

The new plans are set to be presented to the City Commission on January 21st.


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