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City Auditor Previews Findings At ECR Waste Water Plant

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City Auditor Roger Strout updates the city’s audit committee Friday morning.


December 20, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – With a full report expected in January, West Palm Beach’s internal auditor gave a preview of his findings at the county’s ECR wastewater plant, a facility run by several cities but staffed by the city of West Palm Beach.

Roger Strout told the city’s audit committee that so far, he has 10 recommendations on how to improve operations at the plant, covering everything from inventory controls to computer security to employee morale.  All ten have been given to plant management.

“I want to thank the administration for taking action,” said Strout. “Last week we gave 5 recommendations to administration and we have already gotten back a very positive reaction. They have already implemented several of the changes we are recommending.”

The ECR plant has been the subject of several reports involving employee-related issues. The city is currently running several inquiries into various issues that have recently been discovered.

“A lot of these recommendations go to building trust. The changes that have already been made by administration go a long way to rebuilding trust.  There needs to be a change in culture, and it needs to start at the top,” said Strout.

Strout also praised the work of Assistant City Administrator Scott Kelly, who recently joined the city and has been put in charge of the inquiries and changes at the plant.

“Scott Kelly has really been a breath of fresh air in the process,” said Strout.

The final report is expected at the end of January.


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