Mayor Muoio Reveals New Chapel by the Lake Plans

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Mayor Calls New Public Access To Waterfront Behind Building a “Big Step.”



January 8, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – One single tower, moved farther north and surrounded by public access to the waterfront is what the newest redesign of the proposed Chapel by the Lake project looks like.

During her weekly media availability, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio unveiled pictures and details of the latest proposal by the developer looking to build on the property. The new plans were submitted to the city for review on Tuesday.

There are two options. One is a twenty-six story building and the other is a twenty-two story building. The taller building is thinner than the shorter building.

“I think that there are significant concessions that have been made, and significant improvement in the design and the location of the design on the land,” Muoio said during her briefing.

Of the two new tower designs, she prefers the taller, thinner version of the building.

Muoio also pointed out the change that now allows public access to the waterfront behind the building calling it a “big step.”


Mayor Muoio stopped short of predicting how City Commissioners would vote on the changes, but said she believes commissioners will feel better about the project.


Option #1

CbtL Jan 8-1


CbtL Jan 8-3


Option #2

CbtL Jan 8-2


CbtL Jan 8-4




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