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Teens Battle Live Fire in only Firefighter Camp on the East Coast

What: 5th Annual Firestorm Teen Camp Media Day Live Fire Exercise When: Thursday April 10, 2008, 11AM Where: Fire Station # 2 , 4301 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach   Teenagers attending “Firestorm,” a week-long firefighting camp, will battle smoke and flames as part of an exercise donning full gear and engaging an authentic structure […]

Space Heaters & Kerosene

The City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department, urges all City residents to leave a distance of at least 3′ (3 feet) between your space or kerosene heater, and combustible items during this cold snap. All users of kerosene heaters, please be ensure that you purchase only kerosene, and not gasoline when refilling your […]


The Fire department for the City of West Palm Beach will be honoring the city’s finest at a ceremony Wednesday, Oct.17th, 6 PM at the Cuillo Theatre, 201 Clematis Street. The Firefighter of the year award will be presented along with other awards rewarding acts of heroism. Promotions will also be announced.

Live Fire Exercise at Firefighting Camp for Teens

04/04/07 – Teenagers attending “Firestorm,” a week-long firefighting camp, will get up close and personal with smoke and fire as part of an exercise on Thursday, April 5, 2007 beginning at approximately 10:00 A.M. at Fire Station #2, 4301 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach.

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