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City Releases Draft Report on ECR Plant

Internal audit finds nineteen areas for improvement.

Olive Avenue Construction Information

Seven Month Olive Avenue Improvement Project Begins.

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Latest weather-related information from the City of West Palm Beach.

City Auditor Previews Findings At ECR Waste Water Plant

City Auditor Roger Strout updates the city’s audit committee Friday morning. . December 20, 2013 (West Palm Beach, FL) – With a full report expected in January, West Palm Beach’s internal auditor gave a preview of his findings at the county’s ECR wastewater plant, a facility run by several cities but staffed by the city […]

City Releases Prelim Summary on ECR Plant: Training To Follow

As part of Mayor Muoio’s commitment to open government, and her ongoing “Open Access Campaign,” the city is making the summary available to the public for their review.

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