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Get on Your Bike to Celebrate Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach

In recognition of Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach and as part of the City’s sustainability goals, bicyclists are invited to pedal to work during the City’s 4th annual Bike-to-Work Week scheduled for March 27-31, 2017.

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For Sale: West Palm Beach Sells Land to Raise Affordable Housing Funds

The City of West Palm Beach Department of Housing and Community Development announces that it is now making empty lots available for sale to the public.

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Pumping Operations

The Pumping Operations Division operates and maintains 144 lift stations throughout the City. These lift stations pump the wastewater discharged from homes and businesses to the Water Reclamation Facility for treatment. The stations are unmanned and operate automatically as needed. Because of this an intensive Preventive Maintenance Program is in place to ensure that equipment failure will not occur. Backup electric generators are installed at larger stations, and the city maintains a fleet of mobile units for the smaller stations. In addition, the City has invested in state of the art remote monitoring and control systems that keeps employees in touch with real time conditions at each station.

The Utilities Pumping Operations Division also maintains an “on call” crew to provide emergency service for 24 hours/ days (365) per year. The City spares no effort to reduce the odor produced by the hydrogen sulphide gas that is developed naturally in sewage, to a safe level. To this end, the City has invested in Biochemical applications and mechanical air scrubbers.

Utilities Pumping Operations Division also supports other City Division in accomplishing their mission, by providing operations and maintenance services of the pump stations and gates used by the Renaissance Station, which was constructed to control storm water flooding of the Pineapple Park neighborhood, along with additional storm run off from City Place, to a quality suitable for use by the Water Treatment Plant. This station recovers about 900 mg annually. Utilities Pumping Operations provides similar service to six storm water pump stations and control gates. They also provide support to the Watershed Management Division on its pump stations and control gates. Additionally support service is provided to the Parks and Recreation Department for four fountains.