Sustainability Initiatives

The Office of Sustainability was created under the Department of Public Utilities in 2008.  Located in City Hall, the Office of Sustainability collaborates with various city agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and private citizens among other partners to enhance the viability of West Palm Beach as a modern model of healthy, environmentally progressive and ecologically sustainable, urban living.

The Office of Sustainability aims to maximize the information available to the community through workshops, events and regular updates on their website.  City staff from each department formed a “City Green Team” and work both within their departments as well as with the Office of Sustainability to recognize opportunities to develop, implement and improve sustainability.  Some of the City’s initiatives under the Office of Sustainability include:  Grants, City Green Task Force, Sustainability Advisory Committee, The Annual e4 Sustainability Summit, and Educational Programs.

The Office of Sustainability bases its actions on the Four E’s:  Environment, Economics, Equity, and Energy.

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