Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant is a direct filtration lime softening facility which produces 47 million gallons of water per day.  The Water Treatment Plant draws water from East Clear Lake, where the water is then treated and potable water is supplied to over 51,000 retail and commercial customers as well as critical medical facilities within the City of West Palm Beach and the Towns of Palm Beach and South Palm Beach. Finished water is delivered to customers by a distribution system consisting of over 500 miles of pipeline.

On site are 3 and 5 million gallon storage tanks that provide the storage needed to average out high and low finished water demands. Six remote pump stations provide an aggregate of 10 million gallons of additional storage capacity, restore chlorine if necessary, and maintain pressure throughout the distribution system.

The Water Treatment Plant is licensed to operate under specific guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Florida. The plant is operated by Florida licensed Water Plant Operators.

The City of West Palm Beach water is enriched with fluoride to help prevent the development of tooth decay. Customers voted to have this service provided in a referendum presented in 1991.