Vickers House Overview

The Vickers House is a resource center that offers the community a compassionate place to receive information, referrals, counseling, translation assistance, and aid with problems and crises. It is a place where community resources are brought together to offer a “one-stop” assistance center. Vickers House has two locations:
Vickers House North
811 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
p: 561-804-4970
Hours: 8AM - 4:30PM

Vickers House South
3801 Georgia Ave.
p: 561-804-4975
Hours: 8AM - 4:30PM


Vickers House South


The Vickers House provides partnerships with colleges for Student Internships, Volunteer Opportunities, and Community Service hours.
This center offers a variety of services for veterans, homeless, women in crises, youth, elderly, and families, as well as information and referrals for jobs, training, housing, shelters, child care, food programs, emergency assistance, literacy, and transportation.
There are also services for special populations, such as people with mental or physical disabilities or those who are homeless. We have also established an outreach program for the Guatemalan and Latino community, as well as referrals and assistance for any member of our Latino Community.
The Vickers House conducts special events, trainings, on-going self-improvement classes, ESOL, Family Literacy, Health Screenings, Job Fairs, Assistance with Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. — all of these programs are developed to initiate community partnerships and act as a matchmaker to link and coordinate services in the community.