The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

The Legal Aid Society, renowned for its leadership in responding to our community’s needs. Services extend far beyond the dispensing of free legal advice and include the administering of diverse programs providing:
Advocacy for foster children and children orphaned through catastrophic events and violence;
Protection for vulnerable elderly citizens, whose numbers increase each day;
Safe refuge for families affected by the tragedy of domestic violence and homelessness;
Representation for HIV infected men, women and children, each coping with the challenges of a devastating disease;
Educational advocacy for physically and developmentally challenged children;
Intervention for children and youth at-risk for delinquency, truancy and recidivism;
Advocacy for immigrants seeking legal residency and citizenship;
Education and representation for those at risk for housing discrimination;
Planning and advocacy for clients and their families facing end of life issues;
Hurricane preparedness education for Palm Beach County non-profits, and advocacy for our elder residents dealing with post storm issues;

Advice, representation and education regarding Federal and State employment laws to enrolled Palm Beach County non-profits.

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