Elder on the Edge Pet Fund

“Elders on the Edge” and “Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”         Vickers  House

Annie Mae, 84 years old, lives alone. Has lived in the same house for two decades and pays $200 a month in rent.  Owner is now selling the property to a developer.  Although she receives $700.00 a month in Social Security, which could help pay her monthly rent, to relocate she needs $450 for the security deposit and $175 for the utility deposits.  Annie will be homeless in 30 days. . . . . .

Because of Annie and many more low income elderly like her– we at the Vickers House in partnership with Legal Aid Society, have now developed a New Program called Elders on the Edge.

Elders on the Edge is a program designed to give people in the community an opportunity to sponsor a Senior in need of assistance (such as assistance with utility payments, rental payments, relocation payments for those who are losing their homes, assistance with household repairs, homemaker assistance, assistance with the purchase of medical devices or medications, and assistance with legal costs and other unmet needs.  All donated funds are used for the direct purchase of the needed service for the senior in crisis!

Seniors must be age 60 years or over, indigent or low income (must be able to provide proof of income), without family support or other financial resources, referred to or client of Vickers House or Legal Aid Society.  Donations are accepted and disbursed by the Legal Aid Society.  The maximum allowance per family is $1,000 per annum and Funds are paid directly to the Service Provider.

If you would like to donate to this program, make checks payable to:

 Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.

423 Fern Street

         West Palm Beach, FL 33401

     Attn: Elder Law Office

Please designate check:  “Elders on the Edge Program”

       All donations are tax Deductible and each donor will receive an acknowledgment of their donation.

 “Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”

 Gabby, Honey Bun, Porkchop, Moachie, Little Bit . . . . . . . not the names of clients you expect to hear at the Vickers House, but these are our most loved clients.  Of Course all these clients are four-legged and all are the beloved pets of our Elders on the Edge.

We have now created a New Program — “Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”- to help our low income elderly who are clients of the Vickers House or Legal Aid Society, and who are going into a nursing home, who have terminal illness, or who have passed away, and therefore can no longer care for their pets.  These pets are provided emergency vet care if necessary then are placed up for adoption, and are found new loving homes.  This pet fund is operated solely on donations, and all donations are used to provide their vet care.   

       If you would like to donate to this special program, please mail to Legal Aid Society’s Address, but specify –

Please designate check: “Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”

 Legal Aid Society and Vickers House will partner to insure our seniors receive all possible care and compassion through their crisis situation.  For more information on how you can donate or how a Low Income Senior in crisis can receive help,  please call Lela Jordan at either Vickers House Location  (561) 804-4970  OR  (561) 804-4975.

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