Emergency Food and Water Distribution List 2013


Recommendations of these centers are because o f availability and access to the community.  We recommend that based on the emergency the following centers be utilized for distribution of goods to those in need.  We recommend that City Vehicles and Manpower be utilized to deliver water, food and other needed supplies to the following distribution points. 

Distribution to the following Congregate Meal Sites as they serve hot meals daily to the elderly and poor.

Christian Manor                                                       Meal Time Monday – Friday:

325 Executive Center Drive                                      Meal Served at: 1:30pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Meal Coordinator:  Wilfred Bellsle


Mangonia Residence                                              Meal Time Monday – Friday:

2220 North Australian Avenue                                   Meal Served at: 4 pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Meal Coordinator:  Wilfred Bellsle


Morse Life – Kosher Meals                                    Meal Time Monday – Friday:

4847 FredGladstoneDrive                                         Meal Served at: 11:15 am

West Palm Beach,FL 33417                                     Meal Coordinator:  Howard Fidler


Payne Chapel                                                           Meal Time Tuesday’s Only:

801 9th Street                                                              Meal Served at: 12:00 pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Meal Coordinator:  Rebecca Rigsby / Howard Fidler


St. Andrews/ St. James                                           Meal Time Monday – Friday:

208 Fern Street                                                          Meal Served at: Noon

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Meal Coordinator:  Wilfred Bellsle

655-1504  x 23

Southridge – WPB Housing Authority                   Meal Time Monday – Friday:

3801 Georgia Avenue–CommunityBuilding               Meal Served at: 1:30pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33405                                     Meal Coordinator:  Karen Robinson


Note:   Ms. Judy Cort at Community Action Coordinates the Sites –   355-4746   or   355-4755 jcort@pbcgov.com

Distribution to the following Churches & Social Service Organization— as they run food pantries and serve hot meals weekly to the poor and homeless.

Art & Compassion                                                    Hours of Service:

P.O. Box707                                                              Meal for Homeless

West Palm Beach,FL33402                                      Call for information

Telephone:  572-7017

Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church                    Hours of Service:

506 15th Street                                                            Food Pantry

West Palm Beach, FL  33401                                   2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month:

Telephone:  835-9676 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County          Hours of Service:

4105 Pinewood Avenue                                             Call for More Information

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     2 Saturday’s a Month

Telephone:  (561) 881-0593    

Cafe Joshua                                                             Hours of Service:

2808 North Australian Avenue                                   Meal – Served at4pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     Tuesday – Friday: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Telephone:  (561) 494-0125                                      Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Emmanuel Deliverance Church                            Hours of Service:

1309 Georgia Avenue                                                Food Pantry

West Palm Beach,FL33401                                      Tuesday – Wednesday: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Telephone: 832-2648                                                 

First Presbyterian Church                                      Hours of Service:

301 South Olive Avenue                                             Meal

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Monday: 5:00 pmto 6:00 pm

Telephone:  655-1707                                                 

Food  Not  Bombs                                                    Hours of Service:

Telephone:  561/ 568-4044                                      Meal for Homeless

                                                                                 Call for information

Greater Mount Sinai Baptist Church                    Hours of Service:

2708 North Australian Avenue                                    Food Pantry and Clothing

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     By appointment

Telephone:  833-0083, or 856-3110

Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches                Hours of Service:

P.O. Box247                                                               Meal

West Palm Beach,FL 33402                                      Hot Meals Delivered for Homebound

Telephone:  379-8631

New Bethel Baptist Church                                   Hours of Service:

911  9th Street                                                             Food Pantry and Clothing

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Thursday only at9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Telephone:  832-2101

New Light Fellowship Church                                Hours of Service:

715 Douglas Avenue                                                  Food Pantry

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Friday 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Telephone:  452-2270 or 798-2387                                 

Pentecostal Church of God in Christ                    Hours of Service:

540 Cheerful Street                                                    Meal

West Palm Beach,FL33407                                      Breakfast: Wednesday and Friday:  9:30 am to 10:30 am

Telephone:  832-6509                                                Lunch: Thursday: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Redemptive Life Fellowship                                  Hours of Service:

2101 North Australian Avenue                                    Call for More Information

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     Last Saturday a Month

Telephone:  (561) 429-3586       

Samaritan  Gardens                                                Hours of Service:

FirstBaptistChurch                                                     Food Pantry

1201 South Flagler Drive                                           Tuesday: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Thursday: 6:30 pm to8:30 pm

Telephone:  650-7400,  Ext. 7440

St. Ann’s Church                                                      Hours of Service:

310 North Olive Avenue                                             Food Pantry

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Thursday & Friday: 12:45 pm to2:00 pm- At church office

Telephone:  832-3757

St. Ann’s Place                                                         Hours of Service:

2107 North Dixie Highway                                          Bag Lunch

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to11:30 am

Telephone:  805-7708

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church                              Hours of Service:

418 Sapodilla Avenue                                                 Meal

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Thursday: 3:30pm to6:00 pm

Telephone:  833-1903                                        

Tabernacle Baptist Church                                    Hours of Service:

801 Eighth Street                                                        Variable

West Palm Beach,FL33401                                       Breakfast:   Sunday7:15 amuntil finished                                  

Telephone:  832-8338

True Fast Ministries Helping Hands Program     Hours of Service:

638 6th Street                                                              Food Pantry

West Palm Beach,FL 33401                                     Tuesday

Telephone:  594-5689                                                Sign-in time:     9:00 amto 11:00 am

Thursdays  Pick-up time by appt.

Union Missionary Baptist Church                         Hours of Service:

3900 Broadway                                                          Meal

West Palm Beach,FL 33407                                     Monday to Friday: 5:30 pm to6:30 pm                           

Telephone:  845-7320

All Housing Authority sites in the City

Dunbar Village – 246 units

1715 Division Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Pleasant City (Scattered Sites) – 116 units

424 20th Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Robinson Village – 84 units – West

5100 45th Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Robinson Village – 20 units – East

905 20th Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Southridge – 248 units

3801 Georgia Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33405

Twin Lakes – 118 units

1201 7th Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Contact for all Housing Authorities:    Laurel Robinson, Executive Director  Telephone:  723-9317 (cellular)Telephone:  655-8530, ext.108 (office)

Ms. Robinson has offered Housing Authority Staff and Vehicles to pick up and distribute items as needed to the Housing Authority locations when various emergencies occur.

All  City Recreation Centers– as they are open Monday through Saturday and are located in neighborhoods.

Coleman Park Community Center

1116 21st  Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Telephone:  804-4965

Hours:              Monday through Friday12 pm to 8 pm

                        Saturday10 am to 6 pm

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Lynnia Highsmith,RecreationCenterSupervisor

Howard Park Community Center

1302 Parker Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4950

Hours:              Monday through Friday11 am to 7 pm

                        Saturday9 am to 10:00 am

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Tracy Merrill,RecreationCenterSupervisor

Gaines Park Community Center

1501 North Australian Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4960

Hours:              Monday through Friday12 pm to 9 pm

                        Saturday10 am to 6:30 pm

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Marvelous Washington,RecreationCenterSupervisor

Pleasant City Community Center

500 22nd Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Telephone:  804-4930

Hours:              Monday through Friday2 pm to 9 pm

                        Saturday12 pm to 6 pm

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Cecil Rellford, Campus Manager

South Olive Park Community Center

345 Summa Street

West Palm Beach,FL 33405

Telephone:  804-4945

Hours:              Monday through Friday11 am to 7 pm

                        Saturday9 am to 1 pm

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Mercedes Jackson,RecreationCenterSupervisor

Vedado Park Community Center

3710 PaseoAndalusia

West Palm Beach,FL 33405

Telephone:  804-4990

Hours:              Monday through Friday9 am to 6 pm

                        Saturday Closed

                        Sunday Closed

Contact:           Julie Lobdell, ARC Runs facility 

Both Vickers House locations- as they are known throughout the community and serve the Poor.

Vickers House North

811 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4970

Hours:  Monday through Friday8 am to 4:30 pm

Contact:  Lela Jordan, Director

Vickers House South

3801 Georgia Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33405

Telephone:  804-4975

Hours:  Monday through Friday8 am to 4:30 pm

Contact:  Lela Jordan, Director

All City Fire Stations– because they are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Fire Station # 1

500 North Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4700

Fire Station # 2

4301 South Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach,FL 33405

Telephone:  804-4820

Fire Station # 3

5050 Broadway Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33407

Telephone:  804-4830

Fire Station # 4

1718 Parker Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4840

Fire Station # 5

700 North Congress Avenue

West Palm Beach,FL 33401

Telephone:  804-4850

Fire Station # 6

3033 Cumberland Drive

West Palm Beach,FL 33409

Telephone:  804-4860

Fire Station # 7

8007 Okeechobee Blvd.

West Palm Beach,FL 33411

Telephone:  804-4870

Fire Station # 8

10965 Northlake Blvd

West Palm Beach,FL 33412

Telephone:  804-4880

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