Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County – Have Your House Painted For Free!!!

Have your house painted for free! 

You may qualify to have the exterior of your house painted absolutely free!  There are no catches, but you do have to meet a few requirments which are explained on this form.  Proof of home ownership will be required if your home is selected for the program.  If you believe that you may qualify, please complete and return ALL PAGES of this application.  For more information about Paint Your Heart Out Palm Beach County, please contact Joanna Aiken at (561) 697-2700 ext4701 or Linda Morenoa at (561) 697-2700 ext 4717.

Questions & Answers

Q.  Must the house be a sing-family residence?

A.  Yes.  The home must be a single-family residence that is no more than one-story high and is owner occupied.  It should also be on a lot athat allows easy access from all sides of the house.

Q.  How do I qualify to have my home painted free?

A.  First, your home must be in physical need of painting; not just a color change.  You also must fall into at least one of the following categories:  elderly (60 years old and above), hurricane victim, disabled or single parent household.  Your income must also be withing the following groups:

This is a guideline only

Family Size                    Yearly Income             Family Size           Yearly Income

1                                    $28,650 or less            3                               $36,850 or less

2                                    $32,750 or less            4                              $40,950 or less

Q.  Apart from the house needing to be painted, must it also be in good condition?

A.  Yes.  Our volunteers will inspect your house to see whether it is in good enough shape to paint.  Scraping and minor reparis before painting will be done by our volunteers if needed.  We will also remove any brush or debris (withing reason) close to the house.

Q.  Who should sign the application?

A.  The person or persons who own the house.

Q.  Must my home be constructed of certain material?

A.  Houses constructed of any material except aluminm siding and unpainted brick will be considered.  Mobile, manufactured and modular homes do not qualify for this program.

Q.  May I choose the color it is to be painted?

A.  Yes.  The homeowner will choose one base and one trim color based on the colors that are available through the Solid Waste Authority’s Recycled Paint Program.

Q.  Do I have to do anything to prepare my home to be painted?

A.  Yes.  The homeowner is responsible for having the house pressure cleaned and prepared for painting.

Q.  Does this application guarantee that I will get my house painted?

A.  No.  Applications will be considered on a basis of need.

****Please note!  There is no deadline to apply!****

For more information, visit the Solid Wast Authority of Palm Beach County Website at 

Mail Complete Application to:    Paint Your Heart Out Palm Beach county, Inc.

                                                  Home Selection Committee

                                                  C/O Solid Waste Authority of PBC

                                                  7501 N. Jog Road

                                                  West Palm Beach, FL 3341

2012 PYHO Homeowner Application

2012 Recycled Paint Donation Application Rev.Mar12-opt

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