Free Job Training — How to Work in a Wealthy Home


This is a 9 Week Course – Class Every Thursday —Call for schedule

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

 Bring Notebook & Pen! This class is taught in English Only!

At the Vickers House South – 3801 Georgia Avenue – WPB – 33405

This Course will teach how to be a Professional working in a Wealthy Home explaining the many things you need to know to work as a : Housekeeper, Maid, Houseman, Cook, Chef, Butler, House Manager, Social Assistant, Lady’s Maid, Valet, Laundress or any Position in a Wealthy Household. Instruction in detail on Serving at Table / Table Setting / Informal Serving / Formal Serving.  

Instructor:  Kim Kepler of   “The Palm Beach Housekeeper”

Course Objectives: To provide Students with the knowledge of how they should look, act and what they will be expected to know. This course will help if you are new to these jobs or if you need more detailed skills. For those not seeking employment you can Learn How to Set a lovely Dinner Table and refine your personal etiquette to have a more organized home or a fabulous party.

Week 1:  How to Interview for the Job/Writing Your Resume/What to look for in a Employer/What I Can Do/Letters of Reference/Working with Staff/Questions to Ask

Week 2:  Your Appearance to Interview and on the Job/Uniforms/Greeting Guests/Duties in the House or Estate/Making Introductions/Drinks for Guests

Week 3:  Answering the Phone /Housekeeping /Bathrooms /Bedrooms /Linen Closets /Folding linens/Cleaning Ideas and Suggestions

Week 4:  Clothing Closets/Packing/Guest Rooms/Laundry /Ironing /The Household Directory/Organizing/Service Phone List/Household Repairs/House Security

Week 5:  Flowers /Candles /The Kitchen/Working with a Chef/Table Linens /Folding Napkins /Table Setting Rules /Knives /Forks /Spoons/Serving Utensils

Week 6:  China Care /Polishing Sterling /Serving Wine /Glasses /Plates /Bowls /Cups /Serving Coffee /Serving Tea /Serving Drinks/The Everyday Table Setting

Week 7:  Setting the Table/Styles of Serving at Table /Serving at Table/Clearing at Table

Week 8:  You Set the Table for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Learn about a Six course Formal Dinner

Week 9:  The Party Check List /44 Things to Never Do! Call

Vickers House South – (561) 804-4975 or Stop by for information!!!

All Classes and Services are FREE!!!

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