FREE Online Classes

Produced by:                       Vickers House

Youth, Family & Community Services

City of West Palm Beach, FL

This list is provided from identified resources.  This list does not imply that these resources are the only ones available, nor does imply that all services listed will be available at time of call!  Please contact the Vickers House staff at (561) 804-4970 or (561) 804-4975 if any of the information listed below proves to be inaccurate or changed.  Thank you for your help keeping us up-to-date.



English as a Second Language (Inglés Como Segundo Idioma) (enhance English)

Computer Classes (Clases de Computación en Inglés)

Math and Money (Matemáticas en Inglés)      

Work and Career (Empleo y Vida Profesional en Inglés) 

GED Preparation (GED en Inglés)

VHN & VHS Address

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