Job Corps at Vickers House South


Vickers House Partners with Job Corps

  “Free” Job Training while you receive “Free” Housing, Meals, Healthcare, Dental Care, a living allowance & clothing allowance & Daycare in some locations!

 Job training leading to jobs for:

Economically disadvantaged youth ages 16-24

Veterans 20-24 years of age, Honorably Discharged

People who are disabled (physically or emotionally.)

There are many opportunities for young women!


1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Vickers House South

Please be on time (doors close at 1:00 PM sharp)

3801 Georgia Avenue

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

(561) 804-4975

To be eligible:

  • Be ready, willing, and able to participate fully!
  • You must be a Citizen or Resident Alien, Social Security cards are required
  • Must speak /understand English (ESOL courses will be provided to improve your skills) 
  • Academic training includes High School Diploma, GED preparation & College preparatory.  College & Advanced Training is also available.

In order to stay in the program, students must not violate the “Zero Tolerance” policy against violence, drugs and sexual harassment. You will not be turned away for a Criminal background – Court documents are required for enrollment.

Once your training at Job Corps is complete, Job Corps will work with you for up to 21 months after you graduate assisting you with finding a job, and connecting with local housing, transportation, and day-care resources in your neighborhood.

For specific Job Corps inquies you may reach them at 1-800 733-5627 or the local office 561 228-4503

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