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Homeward Bound Program

This program offers homeless the opportunity to reunite with their families back home. Verification of acceptance by a relative is mandatory. If homeless are eligible then a non-refundable / non-transferable bus ticket is purchased through donations, each ticket costs approximately $125.00

All donated funds are used for the purchase of the Greyhound ticket!

Some of the journeys for the homeless are across the country therefore take several days on the bus! At the Vickers House we strive to give them some food they can eat on the bus during their trip home. We need your donations of snacks such as: Cheese n crackers, peanut butter and crackers, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, beef or turkey jerky, candy bars, chips and juice drink boxes.

To date we have sent 664 adults and 93 children back home to family for a total of 757! Since 2002 when we began this program we have raised $100,092.66, all from the community, each ticket cost approximately $125.95. All donations go to the purchase of the ticket– no overhead!

Recently we called home to 29 formerly Homeless individuals which we sent home between Oct. 2010-Dec. 2010. Of the 29 we sent home– 4 we were unable to reach, 20 are still at home with family or have secured there own apartment, 4 now have employment, 2 now reside in jail, and 1 is Homeless again!

Elders on the Edge Pet Fund

“Gabby, Honey Bun, Porkchop, Moachie, Little Bit . . . . . . . not the names of clients you expect to hear at the Vickers House, but these are our most loved clients. Of Course all these clients are four-legged and all are the beloved pets of our Elders on the Edge!”

“Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”-
This fund helps our low income elderly by providing for emergency veterinary care for their beloved pets—so no longer will these pets suffer in pain or be euthanized needlessly, because of lack of funds.

If you would like to donate to this special program, please mail to Legal Aid Society’s address, but specify check to-“Elders on the Edge Pet Fund”!

For more information on how you can donate or how a Low Income Senior in crisis can receive help, please call Lela Jordan at either Vickers House Location (561) 804- 4970 OR (561) 804-4975.

Make all Checks Payable to:
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.
423 Fern Street West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Designate: Elders on the Edge Pet Fund

Through this program we have helped 72 animals find new homes who could no longer be cared for by their elderly owner! We have raised over $45,000 to take care of these pets!

Taxes Done Free

    • Taxes Done Free at Both Vickers House Locations! This program started 10 years ago, in partnership with the IRS and United Way– the Vickers House prepares more tax returns than any other agency in Palm Beach County bringing in each year almost 2 Million dollars back into our community!
    • Free VITA tax preparation service is for those who are eligible –You may be able to get Earned Income Tax Credit. Beginning in January thru April 15th each year. Appointments are taken and Spanish Translation Assistance is available at both locations

Clients are asked to Bring:

  • Photo ID’s (you and your spouse if filing jointly( Joint returns require both filers to be present to sign return)
    W2’s and all form 1099’s,
  • Social Security Cards for All family members,
  • Correct Birth dates for all family members,
  • Voided check or savings account number for direct deposit of your refund.

Beginning/ Intermediate/Advanced ESOL

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages–Students in this Class Must be tested & registered! Based on their test scores they are placed in the appropriate class! This class is taught by the Palm Beach County School District! The Vickers House is one of the best sites in Palm Beach County registering over 100 students each semester!

IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH SKILLS THROUGH THE ELLIS PROGRAM! Registered Students will be allowed to use Computer Lab to Practice their skills!

ELLIS is a computer program designed to help students write, read and speak English efficiently. It combines the technology of computer-assisted training with audio, video, grammar, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation and more!!! This is a self-paced program.

Class Instruction Provided By: The Adult Education Department Palm Beach County School District

Job Day Vickers House North & South

Every Thursday from 10:00 to 11:30
Employers come to The Vickers House offering jobs, be prepared to fill out applications. Come prepared for an interview. – Call in advance to see what employer we will have on that day!

– Self Improvement Programs and Help with your Job Search!

– Free Job Search through Internet (conduct your own job search)

– Job Boards (job postings from throughout the county in a wide range of fields (updated weekly)

– Free Resume Development / copying and faxing of Resumes- Staff helps you develop your resume

Vickers House Partners with Job Corps

“Free” Job Training while you receive “Free” Housing, Meals, Healthcare, Dental Care, a living allowance & clothing allowance & Daycare in some locations!

Job training leading to jobs for economically disadvantaged youth ages 16-24

Veterans 20-24 years of age, Honorably Discharged

People who are disabled (physically or emotionally)

There are many opportunities for young women!

Since Inception of this program, February 2011 — 114 young people have participated in our orientations, 15 are now in process of filling out applications and being interviewed by counselors, One Young Man just left for Brunswick Georgia to start the program and change his life!

Assistance with Applications for Food Stamps, Medicaid, & Cash Assistance

Vickers House North & South Staff will assist   Elderly Clients over 60 years of age,  with Food Stamps & Medicaid Applications—walk-ins are accepted -no appointment needed.

 All other Clients are welcome to use our Computer to file themselves.  Computers are available on a First Come First Serve Basis.We serve almost 200 people a month.