Homeward Bound

This program offers individuals who have been chronically homeless in the City of West Palm Beach the opportunity to reunite with their families back home.  Procedures include meeting all requirements such as: legal identification including government issued photo identification, personal interview, clearance of all warrants or court probations, and funding availability.

Elders on the Edge

Elders on the Edge is a program designed to give people in the community an opportunity to sponsor a senior in need of assistance (such as assistance with utility payments, rental payments, relocation payments for those who are losing their homes, and other unmet needs).

Elders on the Edge Pet Fund
Elders on the Edge Pet Fund helps provide emergency veterinary care to the pets of low-income seniors. For many of our senior clientele, their pets are their only companions. By keeping their beloved animals happy and healthy, we can help keep our elderly clients happy and healthy. This program has helped find new homes for 72 animals that could no longer be cared for by their elderly owners! We have raised over $45,000 to take care of these pets!