Offer Help

Volunteer opportunities for the young and old, working at either center, or out In the community Serving the Poor, Homeless, or Elderly Community by providing food, clothing, house repairs, painting or neighborhood clean ups. Youth groups or other organizations are welcome.

Volunteer to Help an Elderly Person In Your Neighborhood

At the Vickers House we try to connect Volunteers, Youth Groups, Civic Clubs, Faith-Based Organizations or Neighborhood Groups who would like to paint houses, cut lawns, or do minor repairs for Frail low-income elderly, who have no family to help them living in the City of West Palm Beach. Over 300 volunteers have provided this service since October 2010, and another 161 volunteers have worked at the Vickers House locations to support all our services.

Here’s How YOU can Help!!!!!

Help us identify these elderly in need of assistance. Simply Call us with an address of a Homebound Senior living in the City of West Palm Beach, even if you do not know there name. We will go out and meet with them – and offer our help.

Volunteer to cut lawns, paint houses, make small home repairs, and clean properties.

Call to see how you can help! Please Call the Vickers House 804-4975. We work on a Case by Case basis to do whatever must be done to insure our Elderly remain safe, and healthy — and in their homes for as long as possible! YOUR Help is always appreciated!