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Station Policies

Excerpts from City Administration Policies and other policy information:

Chapter 1
General Administration
Policy 1-46

This Cable Telecasting and Video Production Policy is made pursuant to the City of West Palm Beach Charter, Section 3.01(12). Other relevant policy includes the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, 47 U.S.C. ยง 521 et seq., the City of West Palm Beach Cable Television Ordinance, codified at Sections 78-281 through 78-315 of the Code of Ordinances, and the Franchise Agreement dated October 25, 2004 between the City of West Palm Beach and Adelphia Cablevision of West Palm Beach IV, LLC.

The City of West Palm Beach cable and video production facility was established to inform area residents about City government and the services offered by the City, to televise public meetings, to air emergency messages/information, and to televise other information of interest to the public.

West Palm Television (formerly TV18) is the City of West Palm Beach's "government access" TV channel and video/media production unit. The Television Production Manager, Office of the Mayor, is responsible for all programming and technical operations of the channel. The TV channel and live streaming webcast air 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 per year.

The City Cable Television Channel is a government access channel. It is not intended for general public use and is not a public access channel. Access to production facilities and airtime shall be restricted to local government functions, operations, services and events. The City has final approval as to appropriate program content for the Cable Television Channel. For an explanation about what Public, Educational, and Government television channels are, please visit the FCC website on this topic.

A. General Uses. The City Cable Television Channel shall be used to:

1. Televise public meetings and workshops. Public meetings (held by local government bodies and meetings of their agencies and boards) shall not be edited or subjected to editorial comments. Live meeting coverage shall be "gavel to gavel" except for technical or emergency interruptions. Character generated information may be provided to aid viewer understanding.

2. Provide public service announcements and emergency messages to residents of the City of West Palm Beach;

3. Inform the public of the various City functions and services performed by various City departments and divisions through program presentations, instructional videos, public service announcements and other similar productions;

4. Provide "live" or pre-recorded coverage of City or other local-government produced events; and

5. Inform the public via the electronic bulletin board about various City events, activities, employment and procurement opportunities.

B. Prohibited Uses. The City Cable Television Channel shall not be used to:

1. Promote or endorse any commercial product or service (except as set forth in Section O below);

2. Promote or endorse political candidates (excluding those persons who receive air time as part of a public meeting being cablecast on the Channel);

3. Present materials that would violate any Federal, State or local law;

4. Present materials that promote religious beliefs or philosophies; or

5. Present material that solicits or is an appeal for funds.

Copies of public meetings or other West Palm TV original productions are available to the public at a cost of $35 per instance, regardless of the length of the meeting or production. Copies can be made to a variety of media, including DVD, VHS, mini-DV, Beta SP.

A business or institution that donates goods or services to the City for its' programs may be acknowledged.

West Palm TV   401 Clematis Street, 1st Floor   West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone:(561) 822-1867

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