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Theme: Brownfields

A brownfield site is a piece of property that is environmentally contaminated-or is perceived to have been contaminated-and poses a health risk, is a liability toward cleanup, or otherwise contributes to neighborhood blight. As it sometimes turns out,parcels of property that are considered brownfields (because they look blighted or were near potentially hazardous activities) have little or no environmental contamination, but they are victims of negative perception and poor location.

Planning Department use GIS as a management, decision-support, institutional control and outreach tool to turn brownfields into performing economic assets and to revitalize the economic and environmental health of our communities by :
Tracking and inventorying brownfields 
Promoting revitalized sites to potential businesses 
Site review 
Environmental review

Supplementary Information
The City's Brownfields are designated by Resolution 483-03, 546-05 & 311-04.
These areas were defined for the purpose of environmental remediation rehabilitation and economic development.


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