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Theme: Land Use, Future Land Use, Zone Class

The data represents the existing Land Use , Future Land Use and Zone Class designated by parcel .Each parcel is clasified and reveals the developed pattern of the city and, at the same time, shows where development can be pursued.The categories were chosen to comply with the county's categories.

The Planning Department uses portions of this land use map to assist neighborhoods in comprehending their own development patterns and give them a better understanding of what their neighborhoods need to improve their services and composition.
The Zoning map is used by a number of people in a number of ways. Residents may use the map as a starting point to determine whether a proposed addition to their home meets city code. Developers use the map to evaluate the development potential of parcels they may be interested in acquiring. City staff use the map to evaluate the impact of policy decisions at the local, neighborhood, and citywide levels.

Supplementary Information
The Zone_Class field contains the City Zoning designation for the parcel and they are as:
SF3 :Single Family Low Density 3 Residential
SF5: Single Family Medium Density 5 Residential
SF 7 :Single Family Low Density Residential
SF 11 :Single Family/Small Lot High Density Residential
SF14 :Single Family High Density Residential

MF 14: Multifamily Low Density Residential 
MF20 :Multifamily Medium Density Residential
MF32: Multifamily High Density Residential

BTI :Building Type I
BTII :Building Type II
BTIII :Building Type III
BT IV :Building Type IV

AC :Airport Commercial
BMUD :Broadway Mixed Use District
CC2 :City Center Lake Front
CM:Commercial Marine
CMPD:Commercial Marine
CMUD:Currie Mixed Use District
CMUD: Currie Mixed Use District Public Green
CPD:Commercial Planned Development
DMPBT:Downtown Master Plan
GC:General Commercial
IPD:Industrial Planned Development
NC:Neighborhood Commercial
NMUDI,II:Northwood Mixed Use District
OC:Office Commercial
OCPD:Office Commercial Planned Development
POR:Professional Office Residential
PORPD:Professional Office Residential Planned Development
RPD:Residential Planned Development
ROS:Recreation and Open Space
CS:Community Service
CS:Community Service Planned Development

PC:Planned Community
PD:Planned Development

The Land_Use contains the City Future Land Use designation and they are clasified  as:

C = Commercial
CID = Commercial Incentive District
CON = Conservation
CS = Community Service
I = Industrial
MF = Multifamily
MFMD = Multifamily Medium Density
MU = Mixed Use
PC = Planned Community
SF = Single Family
SIZ/C = Significant Impact Zone/Commercial
SIZ/CON = Significant Impact Zone/Conservation
SIZ/CS = Significant Impact Zone/Community Service
SIZ/I = Significant Impact Zone/Industrial
SIZ/MF = Significant Impact Zone/Multifamily
SIZ/SF = Significant Impact Zone/Single Family
SIZ/SFLD = Significant Impact Zone/Single Family Low Density
SIZ/SFMD = Significant Impact Zone/ Single Family Medium Density
UCBD = Urban Central Business District


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