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Theme: Community, Neighborhood, Subdivision
Theme: Neighborhoods, Community, Subdivision

Neighborhood planning is an opportunity for citizens to build a community within their neighborhoods by taking an active role in the planning process. The process involves citizens, local stakeholders, town departments, community organizations and institutions coming together to address land use planning and service delivery issues. The goal is to promote mutual responsibility and joint problem solving which is essential to the continuing health and strength of a community. A successful neighborhood plan: 

Represents all of the groups that make a community; 
Identifies neighborhood strengths and assets; 
Identifies neighborhood needs and concerns; 
Establishes goals for improving the neighborhood; 
Provides recommendations for how to reach those goals; 
Guides future development; and 
Directs the policy and financial decisions of local goverment

Neighborhood Associations area boundaries are determined by the neighborhoods within the proposed planning area. The planning areas need to reflect common interests, geographic features and shared services. The key to an effective size for a planning area is that it is large enough to present opportunities for new ideas while still allowing for the participating groups to work together effectively. Planning areas may be larger than a single neighborhood organization.

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