Description Spatial Attributes

Theme: Parks., Open Spaces, Recreation Area, Playgrounds, Community Parks, Neighborhood Parks, Preserve

Public and private parks and open spaces inside the jurisdiction of City of West Palm Beach

For use as a 'base' layer on map products and in analysis to capture areas within each park.

Supplementary Information
The standard SDSFIE schema used is " imrecprk" found in the Improvement ,entity set, under Recreation_Park_Area.
The " feat_name" field describes the name of the record.
The " prk_typ_d" field describes the type of the record , where the following abreviations are used: 
C= Community Park
M= Metropolitan Park
MF= Metropolitan Future Park
N= Neighborhood Park
NF= Neighborhood Future Park
O= Open/ Green Space
OF= Open/Green Space Future
The "othprk_d" field describes the same features as the above field.


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Time period for which the data is relevant

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