West Palm Beach Fire Rescue 500 N Dixie Hwy West Palm Bch., FL 33401  :  Phone (561) 804-4700  :  

Special Operations: Operations

Technical Rescue
The department provides technical rescue services to include high angle rescue, confined space rescue, light/heavy vehicle extrication, shallow and deep water Dive rescue. This service is integrated in the Department's Special Operations Program.

Hazardous Materials Response
West Palm Beach Fire Rescue has an established hazardous materials response team under the direction of a Special Operations Coordinator. The Department provides contractual hazardous materials response as a participant in the Palm Beach County Regional Hazardous Materials Response program by contractual agreement.

Hazardous Materials Response Hazardous Materials Response

Public Service
Fire and Rescue Companies provide a range of assistance which cannot be characterized as either fire or emergency medical responses such as smoke detector installations, neighborhood association meeting attendance, public education participation, fire safety evacuation drills, and special events.

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