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Grassy Waters Preserve is a 23-square mile remnant of the Everglades that serves as the surface water supply for West Palm Beach.

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Phipps Park is very much open to the public, contrary to circulating rumors.

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Mayor's Village Initiative Overview
Mayor's Village Initiative banner image
The Mayor’s Village Initiative was developed as a result of the high violent crime rates almost exclusive to young African American men in the North End of the City of West Palm Beach, specifically in the neighborhoods of the Historic Northwest, Coleman Park and Pleasant City. Comprised of City of West Palm Beach staff, community leaders, community members and local organizations, the Mayor’s Village Initiative is a collaborative multidisciplinary strategy to prevent and reduce youth violence and improve outcomes for African American boys and young men in the three target neighborhoods.
The Mayor’s Village Initiative Action Plan: A Framework for a Healthy and Safe Community serves as a timeline for the future of the Mayor’s Village Initiative. It represents a synthesis of data, community input, community assets and innovative solutions.
This document presents the details of our strategy focusing on five key   pillars:
  • Crime Prevention & Intervention
  • Reentry & The Criminal Justice System
  • Employment & Training
  • Education
  • Health
These five pillars reflect the issues and ideas that have been identified by community members, especially from African American boys and young men themselves. Within each of the five pillars is a goal, set of three objectives, and various supporting activities with lead organizations and measurable outcomes. It delineates how each pillar will contribute to the overall Mayor’s Village Initiative and outlines the next steps necessary to move forward.
Important to the success and sustainability of the Mayor’s Village Initiative, this action plan presents implementation guidelines, evaluation plan, funding requests and an evolving communication and awareness strategy. Altogether, the Mayor’s Village Initiative Action Plan: A Framework for a Healthy and Safe Community lays out a detailed strategy to ensure a West Palm Beach where all African American males are safe, empowered and secure.

Hon. Jeri Muoio
West Palm Beach

Kevin Jones
Coordinator of Community Initiatives, Mayor’s Office
Cities United City Lead

Ricky Aiken
Founder & Executive Director, Inner City Innovators
Cities United Community Partner

Trey Bonilla
Cities United Roadmap Academy Fellow

Barbara Chieves, Converge and Associates
Joanna Peluso
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