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Planning FAQs
Is my property located in the City of West Palm Beach?
You can visit the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser website to determine if your property is located within the City of West Palm Beach. If your property is located in the City, you will see "WEST PALM BEACH" as the municipality in the property details. If the municipality is "UNINCORPORATED," please contact the Palm Beach County Planning, Zoning, and Building Department.

What is my property zoned? What can I do with this zoning?
You can find your property's zoning on the City of West Palm Beach Zoning Map. Information for permitted uses is found in the permitted use table of the Zoning and Land Development Regulations.
What is a setback? What does this mean for developing my property?
A setback is a line marking the required building distance from one or more lot lines. Different zoning districts and designations have varying setback requirements. You should determine the zoning of your property and reference that specific section of the Zoning and Land Development Regulations to see what the setback requirements are for your property.
Where can I find information on current projects and applications?
If my property is located within the City Limits, do I need to fill out a business tax (BTR) application for the city AND the county?
Yes. If you are located in the municipality of West Palm Beach, you will need to fill out an application with both the City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County. If you are located in unincorporated West Palm Beach, you DO NOT need to complete a BTR application with the City of West Palm Beach.
What process should I follow for completing the business tax (BTR) application with the City and County?
Any business located in the City should obtain the City BTR FIRST, and then they can apply at the County. Once the BTR is approved through the City, individuals do not need to return to City of WPB Planning & Zoning for any additional sign-off on County forms. We do not sign-off on any County BTR forms.
What is required for a home-based business?
General requirements for a home based business can be found in the Home Occupation Affidavit.
I'd like to speak at a public hearing. How do I do so?
Detailed public hearing information is posted as hearings occur on the Meetings and Agendas portion of the City website. In general, any person is allowed 3 minutes to speak at a public hearing. Attorneys representing a group of people may speak for 5 minutes. Applicants or designated agents (an applicant may appoint an agent to speak on his or her behalf) are allowed 10 minutes to present their case to the appropriate board. If you wish to speak at a board about an item not on the agenda, time is allotted before the first case for you to do so.
My case was brought before a board and was denied. Can I appeal the decision?
In many cases, an appeal may be filed. Contact the Planner in charge of your case or call (561) 822-1461 for more information.
When are cases advertised? What is the process for notifying nearby property owners?
Cases are advertised for all Planning & Zoning Boards. For all Planning & Zoning Board cases (with the exception of Historic Preservation Board (HPB) cases), 10 day notice is required in a paper of general circulation. For HPB cases, 7 day notice is required in a paper of general circulation. For HPB designation 30 day notice is required. Property owner notices are sent to those owning property within 500 feet of the subject property.

How do I obtain copies of minutes, staff reports, or comment cards from public hearings?
Visit the Agendas and Minutes Archive to view agendas, minutes, and staff reports from previous meetings. For copies of Planning & Zoning records/files, you may contact the Planner in charge of the specific case of call (561) 822-1461 for more information.

How do I obtain existing plans or surveys of my property?
Please contact the Building Division of Development Services to fill out a Research Request Form.