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Business Licensing Overview

Business Taxes:

The E-GovPlus (One-Stop Shop) Business Taxes feature allows you to renew your existing business tax receipt, search for business records and displays related information such as, business name, location, phone number, licenses and more. A variety of search methods are provided for flexibility and help ensure fast, accurate results.

New Applicants: In order to apply for an Business Tax Receipt within the corporate limits of the City of West Palm Beach, you must download and complete the applications provided below.

Business Tax Forms

Rental Property Taxes:

In order to apply for a Rental Property Tax and Certificate of Use within the corporate limits of the City of West Palm Beach, download and complete the application provided.

Please provide the “PCN” Property Control Number, which can be obtained by contacting the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers Office at (561)355-2890.

All Rental Properties shall be reviewed by the Zoning Division and inspected by Code Compliance Division, which can be contacted at (561)822-1465. Please note: once the application has been reviewed by zoning, the applicant must contact Code Compliance to schedule an inspection of the rental property.

Properties having three or more dwellings under the same roof must be inspected and approved by the City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department. You will be contacted by the Fire Inspector, they will schedule an appointment with you.

Rental Properties owned by a Corporation are required to provide copies of Articles Registered by the State of Florida and a copy of the recorded Warranty Deed must accompany the application.

To renew your existing rental license, click here and enter your license number in the “account number” field or you may search by address.

Rental Tax Forms

Vehicle Taxes:

This category falls under the vehicle for hire ordinance, (sec. 22-221) of the city code, and also includes jitney, intercity jitneys and limousines.
  • All vehicles for hire operated inside city limits must be licensed and insured.
  • Business office must be located within the corporate (industrial) city limits to be able to pick up and drop off within the city.
  • Fees due and payable at time of application:

License Fees:
  •  Office - $86.81
  •  Zoning sign off $10.00 done (internally) to make sure location is zoned for business
  •  Fire Inspection $50.00 - you will be contacted to schedule an inspection of office
  •  Code Enforcement $20.00 - you will contact an Officer to schedule an inspection of office
  •  1st vehicle $144.70 then each additional vehicle is $57.88
  •  Decal - $28.67 each vehicle

The following guidelines must be met before a Business Tax will be issued:
  •  State of Florida Motor Vehicle Registration for each vehicle for hire.
  •  Proof of current insurance showing expiration date with the following limits: FSS 324.031 with minimum limits of $125,000/250,000/50,000 or $300,000 combined single limits.
  •  State of Florida Driver’s License for each driver
  •  Palm Beach County Department of Consumer Affairs Photo ID for each driver
  •  West Palm Beach Police picture identification card for each driver

Hours of operation for fingerprinting/photo ID/background check are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12:00PM – 3:00PM.
  •  Failure to pass inspections will result in license application being voided and NO refunds will be issued.