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General Questions

What services are currently billed on a monthly basis to active accounts?

  1. Water Usage & Service Charge
  2. Wastewater Usage & Service Charge
  3. Sanitation Service & Recycling
  4. Stormwater Management
  5. Applicable Utility tax

Upon activation of the water service, a one time non-refundable service initiation fee is charged.

Why do I still have to pay a monthly fee even though my services are not being used or the account has been closed?

Service Charges for water, wastewater and stormwater are necessary to recover the on-going expenses required to keep service available to your property.

Are all customers required to pay a deposit?

Yes. Deposits are required from every customer except governmental entities.
Multi-residential and commercial deposits are guaranteed payment of the final bill and are therefore retained by the City until the account is closed.
Single family residential deposits may be billed and are due with the first monthly statement.
All commercial deposits must be paid in advance before service is connected.
Minimum deposits are set per most current resolution

When will I get my utility deposit back?

Single Family Residential Accounts – Payments received on or before the due date for 12 consecutive months will have its deposit credited to the utility bill per Resolution 288-04.

Multi-family residential and commercial Accounts – Deposits are returned only when service is discontinued. Deposits will be applied to the final bill and the remaining balance, if any, will be refunded by check in the account holder’s name.

When is my utility payment due?

Utility accounts are billed monthly and due upon receipt and past due 21 days after which it is billed. Monthly remittance may be mailed in for posting. However, if water disconnection has occurred for delinquent bills, payments must be made at City Hall, over the telephone or the internet via your credit card or checking account in order to restore service as quickly as possible.
All payments must be payable to the City of West Palm Beach. Field representatives do NOT accept any payments.
Late Payment fees shall be charged and imposed on all accounts which are delinquent in the payment of their monthly utility bill, where payment has not been received within 21 days of the date of the bill.
Reminder letters are automatically generated and mailed to the customer if payment is not received by the due date stated on the bill.
Three late payments within a 12 month period will require a new deposit to be billed for all accounts that do not have deposits on record.

How can I pay my utility bill?

Payments may be made:

  • Online
  • Over the phone by calling 561-822-1300
  • Mail payment to:
    City of West Palm Beach<
    PO Box 30000
    Tampa, FL 33630-3000

When paying my utility bill over the WEB or on the telephone, how long will it take before the payment is posted?

All payments are posted with 24 hours

Can I set up Auto Payments

Yes. Please click on the link below for further instructions. If you have any questions, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 561-822-1300.

When my water is turned off, why do I have to pay the total bill before the current charges are due?

Answer: City Ordinance states that after the water is turned off, all outstanding utility charges must be paid before service can be restored. In addition, there is a service charge for every trip we make to turn your service on or off, which accumulates on the account.

Is there a charge to re-read a meter?

Answer: Yes, upon request from the customer, the City shall re-read the customer’s water meter to determine if the reading in question is accurate. If the initial meter reading was found to be accurate, the customer shall be charged for the meter re-reading according to the City’s resolution then in effect. However, if the reading was found to be inaccurate, there shall be no charge.

If I have an emergency after normal working hours what do I do?

Answer: You may call (561) 822-2210 for assistance. There will be a charge for after hour services.

How can I change the name on my account?

The procedure varies with the reason for the name change:

  1. If the last name on the account is your maiden name or a name from a previous marriage, submit your request along with a copy of your marriage certificate.
  2. If the name on the account is your former spouse’s, you and your former spouse must submit a notarized letter stating that you both agree to the change and the former spouse will give up any claim on the deposit.
  3. If a spouse is deceased, the surviving spouse may submit a request for a FIRST name change only along with a copy of the death certificate. Changing the name from one customer to another, excluding the above requires the payment of a new deposit.

What is the City’s responsibility regarding repairing leaks at the water meter?

The City of West Palm Beach is responsible for the repair of leaks on the street side of the meter. Any pipe repairs and consumption charges that result from damages on the consumer side of the meter are the responsibility of the property owner.
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