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3336 N. Flagler Stormwater Improvements

Project Description

The area in the vicinity of 3336 N. Flagler Drive has experienced significant flooding for a number of years. During large rainfall events the roadway gets flooded significantly affecting this property. The existing 60-inch outfall for the 190 acres contributing drainage area lies on the north side of the subject property and is inadequate in size to convey storm water resulting in flooding of this property. The City purchased this property to use the land to alleviate flooding for the contributing drainage area, both in the long and short terms.

The project area is currently under construction. The drainage improvements will be performed at this site in accordance with the recommendations of the Storm Water Master Plan to address the long term drainage issues. The City will remove the existing structures, create a grassed flow channel, and create temporary storm water storage on the lot to alleviate flooding. The City is also evaluating the structural conditions of the existing dock that is located on the property. If the dock is structurally safe, it will be used by the Public Safety to moor some of their vessels.


Edna Bonelli PE
Project Manager / Engineering Department
City of West Palm Beach


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