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Blower Improvements Project

Project Description

The project entails upgrades to the aeration blowers for the aeration basins to mitigate unplanned blower shutdowns due to surge conditions.  Blower upgrades will include the following components: (1) Add a fourth stage and replace all impellers for Blowers 1 through 4 and Blowers 7 through 9, (2)  Rewind motors, replace bearings and complete other rehabilitation work recommended by the blower manufacturer to extend the useful service life of all blowers by 15 years, (3) Add an eighth 700 horsepower blower, Blower No. 10, in the future spot allocated in the existing North Blower Building; and (4) Upgrades to electrical power distribution and instrumentation systems to replace aging infrastructure, maintain motor circuit protection, and provide adequate supervisory control and monitoring.


Design of the project is expected to be completed by October 2016. Construction will occur over 18 months after the bid.

Project Cost

Estimated cost of construction is $2.0 million.


City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities
 Project Manager:  Matthew Schultz

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