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Control Structures Nos. 3 and 5A

Project Description

The City of West Palm Beach (City) is preparing to construct improvements on two culvert structures identified as Control Structure Nos. 3 and 5A. 

The Control Structure No. 3 culvert crossing is located on the M-Canal, at the western limit of Grassy Waters Preserve, approximately 1 mile east of State Road 7 Extension.  Flow monitoring at this structure is required by the City’s recently issued South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) water use permit (WUP #50-00615-W).  To comply with Limiting Condition Number 18, the City will be installing flow measurement devices at CS No.3, which will require associated power and telemetry for optimal utilization.  With the telemetry upgrades, the gates will also be retrofitted with electric actuators and a security wall be installed around the perimeter of the electrical equipment to limit access and reduce vandalism at the remote location. 

The Structure No. 5A culvert crossing is located over the Loxahatchee Slough approximately 650-lf north of North Lake Boulevard on the City’s access road to the North side of Grassy Waters Preserve.  The City intends to video inspect the condition of the culvert and rehabilitate the structure to extend its useful life.  The construction of the rehabilitation will be sequenced to maintain access to the City’s facilities to the north.

Project Cost


The combined project cost for the upgrades to Control Structure No. 3 and the rehabilitation of Structure 5A is estimated to be $600,000.


City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities
Project Manager: Daniel Roberge, P.E.
Office 561-494-1053
Email: droberge@wpb.org

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